digital marketing

Not only does your business need to stand out with an ah-mazing website, it needs to on social media platforms, (and also e-mail marketing!), as well. 

Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even Pinterest (yeah, Pinterest marketing is a thing!), you and your business need to be there, and you need to show up. 

This is where most businesses really seem to struggle. The intentions are there, but the time it requires to actually grow and be seen, isn't.

This is where we come in!

How, you ask?...Meet Audrey! 

Did you know...

On average, around 3% of your content is actually being seen by your audience. Yes, that would be 3%.

That's TINY! Unfortunately, as amazing as these tools are in the digital marketing world, they're also tricky and time consuming. It requires a lot more to grow your following and engagement than a few posts here and there each week. You have to actually strategize and engage. 

Oh, and e-mails? Think those are a thing of the past? Think again! E-mail marketing is one of THE most powerful tools to keep your brand at the forefront of people's minds. (I know right, who knew?!)

The good news for you is, we can help you out! We can sit down over a consultation and strategize everything from the right kind of content, the consistency of your posts, the kinds of engagement you should be doing daily (yes, daily!), as well as go over best practices for e-mail marketing that's actually effective.

You'll then be well on your way to creating a community behind your brand and connecting with the right kinds of people! Besides, that's what running this business of yours is all about, right?

i need this.


$200 - $1200

Prices vary between package options.

Hey! I’m Audrey.

I was born and raised here in Jackson, Tennessee. In 2013, I moved to Birmingham, Alabama to attend Samford University, where I received my bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts. While in school, my love for communications and marketing grew to what it is today. I had the opportunity to combine creativity with structure and organization - an enneagram 1’s dream! I worked several marketing internships in which I gained experience that I was able to bring back home with me after graduating. What I love most about marketing is getting the opportunity to hear and see the stories and passions of others. This field gives business a personality and allows for the chance to make personal connections with one another - something I have cherished since the beginning!

So, with that being said, let’s get personal! My husband, Cameron and I have been married since November of 2018 and together, we have two dogs, Mac and Marlow and a baby girl on the way who will make her grand entrance before the end of 2021. We love to travel, eat good food, and make memories out of the small things in life.

Now, enough about me! Let’s talk about you and what I can do to help your business grow. Reach out if you want to work together!